Voidstar One

I'm Thomas Lee, and this is my face.

Photograph of Thomas Lee

I've been described as insightful, intelligent, well-spoken, and funniest of all - an excellent developer.

It seems to be impossible to describe oneself without seeming either incredibly arrogant or just a bit too self-deprecating, but I'll give it a go anyway. I'm annoyingly close to 6', wear black all the time and listen to The Sisters of Mercy, Depeche Mode, and anything else that's stereotypically gothy, but I don't put the effort with my appearance in to really be consider myself a goth. Instead I spent far too much time making stuff like this website and playing Hearthstone, which I've gotten quite good at, and have both hosted and won a tournament.

I think I'm considerably better than average at listening, and would generally much rather hear what someone else has to say, though I'm certainly not incapable of talking myself, given the right subject. I think it's interesting to talk to strangers sometimes and I seem to have a habit of making friends with some rather peculiar people whenever I go to London.

I'm currently learning Swedish, and although Duolingo thinks I've learned 22% of it, I'm not sure I can string a sentence together.

Why Voidstar One?

The name voidstar came about because I really like programming, and I like having pointers be just that - I still don't much like how modern languages hide them from you, so I have some affection for C's void *ptr style of doing things. So it's a combination of that and Voidstar One sounding a lot like a starship of some kind.